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Let me introduce myself, I am Pedro Xavier Alvarado, the proud owner of two small but growing businesses in Peekskill NY, Copy Center & Services and La Cuponera Hispana. I am very excited to launch a new branch of my business La Cuponera Hispana here in the state of Florida. Below I would like to expose our services as they might be to your interest.

As the Hispanic population in the United States continues to rise so does the business market. Therefore, many businesses have found it useful to advertise to the Spanish community. With that purpose in mind “La Cuponera Hispana” was created. La Cuponera Hispana is a bi-annual Spanish magazine that advertises various businesses in the Westchester, New York area. Within the magazine you will find ads of all sizes that promote a varied list of local businesses. For example, Paramount Hudson Valley Theater and Peekskill City Hall along with many restaurants and professional services. One aspect of the magazine that makes it very appealing to the Spanish community is the coupons found in it. These coupons can be cut and used in various locations. The magazine also includes helpful articles that contain tips from various areas of expertise. For example, some articles contain medical advice on how to maintains a healthy lifestyle, others talk about how to stat and maintain a business, etc. La Cuponera Hispana was first published 8 years ago and will now have its 25th edition. Around 5,000 magazines are published and distributed. We personally distribute the magazines all over Westchester County to many businesses and some homes as well.

I am pleased to tell you that in October your business here in Florida will have the same opportunity to be advertised in “La Cuponera Hispana” and receive the many benefits that the businesses here in New York have received.

Located in downtown Peekskill NY is my other business Copy Center & Services that works along with “La Cuponera Hispana” and provides all types of printing services. They specialize in designing and printing signs, banners, brochures, business cards, promotional products, and basically anything that your business needs. We have a skilled team of graphic designers that can produce customized logo designs as well as web designs.

Attached to this letter is a brochure showcasing our range of services. I also would like to discuss in further detail how you can take the opportunity to advertise to the Spanish community and help your business expand. If interested please let me know what day and time is best for you so that we can personally meet. Please feel free to visit our websites:

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